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Linkedin Learning: Multidevice Design


  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Computer
  • Watch
  • TV
  • Audio Interface
  • Continuous: being able to use the app from different devices
  • Complementary: use multiple devices to create a holistic experience

Content of Use

Understand the condition and the environment the user is interacting with the product.

  • easy access for content
  • not all tasks are appropriate for the device size
  • high functional websites are not suitable
  • consistent with the device
  • faster experience
  • access only through app store
  • cheaper solution
  • slow loading


Touch Interfaces

  • use Touch ID to gather information when necessary
  • use different gestures for different interaction
  • animation helps with smooth interaction such as loading
  • layout consideration: landscape or portrait
  • design for highly focused task
  • text should be legible and viewable
  • notification should be easy to view and interact with
  • glanceable information: headline, picture, etc.
  • fitness data
  • large text
  • contract between the text and the screen
  • clear menu and information flow
  • use standard navigation pattern
  • color changes from screen to screen
  • gaming uses the visual and audio features of TV
  • shopping utilizes high resolution functionality of TV
  • give brief and clear feedback
  • give the user information quickly
  • design conversational tone
  • consider the varied context and responses
  • information look up: wiki
  • personal lists: shopping list, reminder, timer

Case Study: Creating a Fitness App

Problem Statement: users have trouble creating, sharing and finding workout plans

  • Kate checks her smart watch for the work time and calorie burn
  • Kate uses her smart phone to check out a fitness blogger
  • Kate finds a HIIT workout plan and follows the workout video
  • Kate skips a workout using her smart watch
  • Kate uses her smart phone to skip a workout
  • Kate creates a workout plan
  • Kate shares an end of workout progress on her social media using smart phone