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In the previous process, I created a user flow to better understand different scenarios the user would interact with Listed. I also discovered that the most important interactions are create a list, add an item, and check off an item. On top of that, the users will be able to…

In the previous process, I designed a paper prototype that would achieve the user’s goals to create a simple list with shareable information and browse the items quickly. The users are also able to meet their needs across devices with phones, smart watches and voice assistance. …

In the previous process, I created scenarios and storyboards to imagine the user’s journey of making a grocery list. Now I’m going to focus on the user’s interaction with Listed. I created paper prototype using marker, paper, tape, and sticky notes for mobile application and smart watch. From the scenarios…

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Which process is the best: Lean, Agile or Design Thinking?

  • Smaller companies have limited number of sources, so it is important to deliver features quickly and receive feedbacks.
  • Larger companies have more resources, but they also have different methodologies. …

Linkedin Course: UX Design: Paper Prototype

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Paper Prototype

A design technique includes paper, drawing, and stickies to create a rough version of the solution.

  • design only for the elements in the scenarios
  • build interface for each user interaction with the system
  • create suitable text for the labels, context and terminology
  • let someone…

In the previous part, I worked on creating personas and user observation. In this post, I combine the findings from user research and ideation to create scenarios and storyboards that show how the users would interact with the list. …

User Profile

Name: SW

Age: 24 years old

Personal Information: Single, female, working, have 2 roommates

List Purpose: Grocery shopping for dinner with a friend

Before Shopping

SW has a specific recipe in mind, so she uses her phone to view the recipe on a website. She takes screenshots of the recipe including ingredient…

In the previous part, I translated the user pain points into achievable goals. I also created personas to recreate the user types. The personas helped me to see users of different age group, life stages and family dynamic have different interactions with the lists. …

Linkedin Learning: UX Design: Ideation


  • widen potential ideas
  • refine these ideas for my new design
  • focus on user’s pain points
  • incorporate useful elements

Local maximum trap: only following one design idea to find the best possible product

Ideation prevents the designer from falling into the local maximum trap by broadening…

In the previous part of the project, I defined the problem statement that “people have trouble make temporary, short list for grocery, gifts and party planning and sharing with others”. I also sent out a survey to gather data about target audience’s habits. To target some of the pain points…

Anni Yan

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